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i blinked.

yes, i  know it's cliche to say time flies by so quickly as we watch our children grow. but it really does feel like i blinked and the little guy that gave me the honor to be called a mother for the first time eleven years ago, is now a preteen who stands as tall as my shoulders.

the big three-O + two.

today lovely friends, i turn thirty two. yep three years from thirty five which equals mid life. which may equal mid life crisis. haha. or is that forty?

Seven years + food trucks

Today is a special, special day! Seven years ago, I met my littlest pumpkin, and it's been wonderful having this little guy in my life. After mom's heart, he always looks to cuddle and snuggle next to me and he's my little prayer cheerleader. a little hurricane of a spirit, but one that always has a smile for you.
Sweet Isaac, mommy thinks the universe of you! happy birthday my baby!
tonight, we're going to celebrate with good food and lots of arcade games. so that'll be a great way to start off our weekend! also, can I tell you all how great it is to have my husband work an earlier schedule? So we're taking full advantage of it! Last night, we had a family date and went down to south Congress where there's a line up of boutiques, restaurants and food trucks! Who doesn't love food trucks?

there was cajun cooking, artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, Thai food, it was great! And of course we had to have dessert from the most famous cupcake truck in austin!

It was so much fun, and the kids loved being out in the city. this I'd like to call, the first of many weekday adventures with the whole family, husband included! Haha.
what do you have planned for your weekend? I hope it's a great one!!

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a princess turns eight.

Today my little princess turns eight.

Eight years ago I received a little princess in my arms, tiny and precious.
As I watch her grow up, I realize in a few more years I will have a teenager running around asking for make up, wanting to go shopping with her friends.
But until then, she is still my little girl who I can do mommy and daughter pedi's with, play scrabble with and dance around with.
Until then, she looks up to me and I realize it's one of the greatest responsibilities as a mother that I have.
For now, she is just eight. And we might eat eight cupcakes each to celebrate.
Real mini cupcakes for mommy's sake.

Mommy loves you baby to the moon and back times infinity.

fifty four.

fifty four years ago, two days apart God was busy writing a beautiful love story.

not here today.

i like my food. no, that's not right. i love my food. and today i am over at beautiful kyna's blog sharing a recipe that is low in fat, super healthy and delicious!

head on over to check it out and show her some love. she has an adorable little princess too! 

Also head over to Mariel's blog and wish her a happy birthday! birthdays are awesome. but do both okay, pretty please!

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have an awesome, awesome Monday!