i blinked.

yes, i  know it's cliche to say time flies by so quickly as we watch our children grow. but it really does feel like i blinked and the little guy that gave me the honor to be called a mother for the first time eleven years ago, is now a preteen who stands as tall as my shoulders.

never will i forget the day he was born, and as i looked over at my husband carrying our brand new baby boy, he looked down at him with a tear trickling down his cheek. being a first time parent will do that to you, fill you with emotion and love that you never thought you could possibly hold.
this guy has taught us both to be better parents. through mistakes that first time parents make, not really knowing how to navigate the turns of discipline, of difficult talks and how to never leave an iron within the reach of a toddler.

over the past year, it's been a little hard with all the changes that he's going through emotionally and physically, but at the end of the day, when he cuddles next to us it's like nothing really has changed. he's still our first little boy that watched his first soccer game with dad during a 3 am world cup match eleven years ago. that first little toothless smile that looked up at me making my heart burst and tears stream down my face.

jacob, you make mommy and daddy so proud. you're going places babe. and please know that we will always be here for you, to root you on, to cry with you during hard times, to pray for you every day.
happy birthday my little turtle. you make me so happy.


17 Perth said...

Now I'm crying! LOL. Such a sweet letter to your little boy. Thank you for sharing.

helen said...

AGH, this is so sweet and precious. what a blessing your first baby is! i am contantly inspired and encouraged by your heartfelt posts re: your children that makes me can't wait to be a parent!!

christina said...

AWWWWWWWWW HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday to your boy!!