a princess turns eight.

Today my little princess turns eight.

Eight years ago I received a little princess in my arms, tiny and precious.
As I watch her grow up, I realize in a few more years I will have a teenager running around asking for make up, wanting to go shopping with her friends.
But until then, she is still my little girl who I can do mommy and daughter pedi's with, play scrabble with and dance around with.
Until then, she looks up to me and I realize it's one of the greatest responsibilities as a mother that I have.
For now, she is just eight. And we might eat eight cupcakes each to celebrate.
Real mini cupcakes for mommy's sake.

Mommy loves you baby to the moon and back times infinity.


Katie Cook said...

Ahhhh so sweet! Happy birthday to your daughter!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, happy birthday to her!!!

helen said...

this is the cutest. happy happy happy birthday to your sweet daughter!

Amy said...

My much younger sister just turned 8 in December :) I just love that age. When they're still so young, but old enough to start understanding things. Hope you're little one is having a wonderful birthday!

ruthy ann said...

How cute is she!? And 8 going on 16?