there's this boy.

can i take a moment today to tell you of a little boy that has stolen my heart?

it's true what they say of kids being completely different from each other.
this child is a hurricane.
he will go at hundred miles an hour, talk nonstop, and scream loudly during a tantrum.
as extreme as his energy is, so is his humility and tender heart.
he is the boy that tells me as he looks into my eyes, that i'm the most beautiful.
he never tires of telling me he will never stop loving me, even when he gets old.
when he forgets to choose his words wisely in the middle of a tantrum, he will almost immediately come to me and bury his face in my chest apologizing.

he definitely has my heart.
but the one thing that i appreciate most in this little one, is his belief in the power of prayer.
at his tender age of six, while his body is fighting the flu, (yep he tested positive :(, he will ask: 'mommy, can you please pray for me?'

(just so you know my eyes are welling up with tears. momma's heart.)

this is the same child that will request prayer at bed time, when in a haste, i forget.
he's the child that as i was running late this morning dropping him off at my mom's, ran to the door to remind me to pray on my way to work, so i wouldn't be late and not get fired.

THAT made my morning.
i realized God is working on his little heart this early on. i realized that him believing in the power of prayer, helps me hold on stronger to that same belief.
I don't doubt He is doing His work on my other two children, they just have a different kind of sensibility.
my prayer is that he and my other two kids grow up to be children after God's own heart.
that they lead their lives walking humbly with our God.


Shannon Quigley said...

Oh my....I just want to hug him!! What an amazing heart he is. The way you described him made me think alot about my son. He has many of the same characteristics. Enjoy him!

Ali W. said...

What a sweet little boy! I hope that Jax is the same exact way. Hopefully I am teaching his as well as you taught your little boy!

Hannah {Our Journey Blog} said...

At 2, my son even reminds me that it's time to pray. If I forget to say his blessing with him before he eats, he will say "mommy prayer?" Melts my heart. :) I hope your sweet boy gets over this yucky flu quickly! And I hope your daily dose of chocolate keeps you well! Haha ;)

christina said...

so sweet! you should be so proud!

my kids always want prayer when they get hurt.

richelle jean said...

He is so sweet!!! And this is so beautiful!

helen said...

aw, this is so sweet! seems like you have the sweetest kids. God is so kind to be molding his heart already to seek Him! :)

Kristin Cho said...

This is too precious!

It's amazing that he has such a strong belief in the power of prayer, but that means you have certainly done an amazing job of teaching him what prayer is~ I can only hope that I will be as successful with my son :)