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i think i may have found the secret to being content.
ready for it?

staying thankful.

okay, okay so maybe that's quite obvious, but it doesn't always seem so, especially when we're struggling to find contentment, no?

but i think the reason, at least with my experience, for struggling with finding contentment, is because we keep striving for something more.

more house, more trendy wardrobe, more vacations, more followers (yes i said it), more tidyness, etc, etc. the list could go on.
and all the while we are wishing for more, we completely become blind to the many blessings we already have.

because you know, waking up IS a blessing, seeing your kiddo(s) and spouse wake up and being able to see a smile on their face IS a blessing.
the cup of hot coffee we pour ourselves, the home we live in as small as it may be, the shoes we wear, the food we eat, i could go on, everything IS a blessing.

just because we receive it everyday and we've become accustomed to receiving them or expectant of them, doesn't make them NOT a blessing.
because you know what?

we don't have to receive them. we haven't really done anything or given anything deserving of any of it.
but we do because of mercy that renews each morning.
and THAT in itself is the greatest blessing.

that makes me so extremely happy inside. we are blessed beyond measure friends.

there are ten thousand reasons for our heart to find gratitude towards the Lord, as matt redman sings.
and when we feel yucky or discontent, or that we have nothing good in our lives, i encourage you to sing this at the top of your lungs, mentally or physically listing everything we have been given, knowing none of it is deserved.

i promise, it will change your attitude dramatically. because sometimes we HAVE to remind our soul that there are indeed ten thousand reasons to remain thankful. there are ten thousand ways and forever more in which He shows His goodness.


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just free.

grace is free yall. completely free.
and each time that i'm reminded of it, it's as priceless as the time before.

yesterday morning, i lost my temper.

teenage years are no easy feat to deal with, and in the early hours of the morning? just no.
i yelled unnecessarily. i dampened my spirit and as i walked out of the store we had stopped at, with a look that clearly told everyone to get out of my way, an older man came up to me and told me:

'i know you are mad, and i know it's hard with the kids. believe me, i know it's hard, but there are ways we can handle our anger. the bible has answers.'

he proceeded to give me a little pamphlet inviting me to seek God's Word.

humbled much? yep.

had i read the Word that morning? no.
had i prayed that morning before leaving the house? no.

and i felt horribly small. defeated. failed. ugly.

i apologized to my kids, but still on my way to work, i couldn't shake it.
i prayed and within my prayer, i asked the Lord to forgive me even though i couldn't give him anything in return. to forgive me, even though i struggle with losing my temper so much.
and yet still driving in to work, i didn't feel forgiven.

i stopped at a gas station to return a redbox movie and i saw him.

looked like he hadn't showered in days, hunched back, lonely.

i don't always, but right then and there, i felt that nudge. you know that nudge. go. buy him breakfast.

somewhere earlier in the week i had read somewhere, coffee might be the only taste they get on their lips all day.

so i went into the store, bought him some fruit and coffee and took it up to him.
he had such beautiful blue eyes. but his face showed signs of a lifetime of struggle and pain.
before accepting the coffee and fruit, he pulled out of his coat and small body spray and handed it to me.

'it's for women, it's for you. take it.' he said.

as i left, i thought of how he must have wanted to offer something in exchange of what was being given to him. because if we accept something without exchanging something, it feels to good to be true. and i thought to myself, i should have told him he didn't have to give me anything. that grace to him was free. and then. boom.

God reminded me. Grace is free.
when we come to Him and ask forgiveness, because of grace, it is given.
no need to exchange anything for it.
no need to beat ourselves up over a lost temper and not being a great parent that morning.
no need to feel like we'll never measure up.

when He offers grace, it's free for taking. just free. no questions asked.

oh how my heart swelled and the tears flowed.

amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saves daily a wretched like me.


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there's this boy.

can i take a moment today to tell you of a little boy that has stolen my heart?

it's true what they say of kids being completely different from each other.
this child is a hurricane.
he will go at hundred miles an hour, talk nonstop, and scream loudly during a tantrum.
as extreme as his energy is, so is his humility and tender heart.
he is the boy that tells me as he looks into my eyes, that i'm the most beautiful.
he never tires of telling me he will never stop loving me, even when he gets old.
when he forgets to choose his words wisely in the middle of a tantrum, he will almost immediately come to me and bury his face in my chest apologizing.

he definitely has my heart.
but the one thing that i appreciate most in this little one, is his belief in the power of prayer.
at his tender age of six, while his body is fighting the flu, (yep he tested positive :(, he will ask: 'mommy, can you please pray for me?'

(just so you know my eyes are welling up with tears. momma's heart.)

this is the same child that will request prayer at bed time, when in a haste, i forget.
he's the child that as i was running late this morning dropping him off at my mom's, ran to the door to remind me to pray on my way to work, so i wouldn't be late and not get fired.

THAT made my morning.
i realized God is working on his little heart this early on. i realized that him believing in the power of prayer, helps me hold on stronger to that same belief.
I don't doubt He is doing His work on my other two children, they just have a different kind of sensibility.
my prayer is that he and my other two kids grow up to be children after God's own heart.
that they lead their lives walking humbly with our God.