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The start of this weekend was not one i was expecting and was pretty rocky.  friday night we were expecting something, but the Lord had other plans.
even though you know His plans are always perfect,  it can't help for it to hurt a little that what you expect doesn't play out like you were so sure it would.
saturday morning, my boys decided to break me. i know not intentionally,  but one outbreak of bad temper led to another tantrum from my youngest,  and it went downhill. the whole morning was ruined, i was in tears.
Guys,  parenting is hard. I know ultimately,  their lives are in God's hands but you can't help to have your heart hurt when your kids don't always obey and seem rebellious. Ugh, it's tough.  
I determined to make the rest of the weekend a sweeter one by documenting sweet, fun moments. 
Life isn't always picture perfect but if we look closely,  the better moments sure outweigh the bad. It's a blessed life!
- we had planned to wake up really early and watch the sunrise. sadly, grey clouds and showers rained on that parade. but snuggles in mommy's bed were the next best option. 
-nothing like a sweet breakfast. whole wheat crepes were on the menu. for the first time they were not too shabby. looking back on the recipe i missed a couple of steps that might've made them fluffier. oops. 
laundry days are not a lot of fun, but when you have a willing helper, you jump on that like white on rice.  
and just to make a saturday morning a little bit sweeter, frost some cupcakes and play volleyball with a balloon on the stairs. it a good time for about twenty minutes. enough to get some giggles of them! 
how was your weekend? tell me about it!

puppy love.

so my oldest has a girlfriend crush.
as i type that i can't help but smile because although i think it's crazy, i also can't be that crazy mom who wants to knock on the little girl's door and tell her to leave my son alone
well i guess i can, but my son has begged me not to.