puppy love.

so my oldest has a girlfriend crush.
as i type that i can't help but smile because although i think it's crazy, i also can't be that crazy mom who wants to knock on the little girl's door and tell her to leave my son alone
well i guess i can, but my son has begged me not to.

he came to me about a couple of months ago and told me he had a girlfriend. i sat down with him and asked him about it. come to find out, the little girl asked him out, not the other way around. yes, seriously.
we talked about what dating meant and he understood that they weren't old to date, but that he liked her.
i honestly didn't want to make a big fuss, because i want him to confide in me and feel comfortable doing so. also because they hardly see each other at school since they're not in the same classroom, i saw it as relatively innocent but still spoke with him about the importance of respect, keeping hands to yourself and always being a gentleman.
for the first couple of weeks he seemed uninterested. he was more interested to play video games and talk about zombies with his friend than to talk about this new found 'relationship.' so i didn't bring it up again.
until valentine's day. we strolled into the store and as we were browsing the cards for their parties, i noticed him lingering in the aisle where the bigger gifts were, and asked if we could buy one for his friend.

so i feel like his feelings are starting to grow a bit more for this little girl, although i know it's just puppy love. i've been there, i remember. although i don't remember it being so young!
oh friends, i don't know where i stand on this. i'm secretly praying it all fizzles out soon, but as a mother i feel like we sometimes have to trust our kids given the education and instruction we've given, hoping that everything if not the majority sinks in. i'm thankful that he still talks to me about things and asks questions on things he hears at school.

it's kinda cute if i think about it, and it may just be that i'm literally watching him grow into a young man before my eyes. seriously, how did this happen so fast?
i'm thankful though, that even though he would never admit it openly to his friends, he still lets me cuddle him and still asks to be tucked in. momma's boy? by all means, but i wouldn't change it for anything.

how old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend, crush? and any words of advice?

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Anonymous said...

I was 17! Ah! but i came from a family that was very strict - "no dating until youre 16, no kissing until youre 17, youre not old enough to love anyone" etc. so i felt really embarrassed and ashamed when i liked anyone and never felt comfortable enough to talk to my parents about crushes. my kids are still super young but the approach i plan on taking is embracing it but letting them know that their school years won't be when they find their husband so to take dating lightly - its ok to like boys but don't take it too serious. (i saw a cute quote that said "high school isn't for finding your husband it's for finding your bridesmaids" and i love that!) i was brought up to believe that the whole purpose of dating was marriage - which is a great theory but it kinda backfired and so every guy i dated i thought i would marry and i invested too much of myself emotionally. we'll see when they get older though haha maybe i'll be singing a different tune ;)

Sarah said...

Oh Leah! This definitely is a glimpse into my future! My little Drew, who's only 2, will be here before I know it! I don't think I had a crush until I was like 12 (unless you count that daycare crush on my handsome teacher I had when I was like 6!). Anyway, can't wait to read more and I hope you stop by and follow back as I can always use advice from more experienced mommas! :)

Katie said...

SUCH a sweet little post! I actually received my first box of chocolates in kindergarten -- Can you believe that? Haha.

But like Christine, I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. I definitely did a little sneaking around and had a "boyfriend" or two before then, but I'm actually really glad my parents set that boundary for us.

Ali W. said...

AHH!!! I can't even imagine Jax liking a girl! I would just die. I think it's so sweet that he came to you and told you! That just shows what a sweet relationship you two have. I have three little brothers and they would have never sat down with my mom and talked about a girl they liked, I don't think. I hope Jax will talk to me like he talks to you!

christina said...

oh man! love your words to him! way to raise him right ;)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

so cute! I had a "crush" in first grade! we held hands! I din't have a boyfriend boyfriend until 16. I think it is important to encourage healthy relationships with the opposite sex. friendships are great and the best relationships come from great friendships (solid foundation).

I think you are doing great :)