Sweet Motherhood: Erika from Seventeen Perth

i met erika, i want to say, almost a year ago, if not more. i liked her instantly. this girl is super sweet and so encouraging to me and when i heard she was expecting, i was so thrilled for her.
today she is sharing her thoughts on her new role as a mother. if you don't know her, please get to. she's pretty great!

now here's erika:

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erika, tell us a little bit of your story and who you are a mom to?
I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. Little E was born in February of this year! My husband and I waited until our thirties to have children, so we are beyond blessed and excited to welcome this little girl into the world!

My whole life, becoming a mother is definitely something that I looked forward to. After I held her in my arms for the first time, that instant wave of emotion and love came over me and life as I knew it would never be the same. (as cliche as that is--it could not be more true!). I can honestly say it is way more than I ever anticipated in the best of ways. Everyone told me I would love her more than I could imagine, but it was definitely something I could not fully comprehend until I experienced it myself.

motherhood isn't always what we expect, what about motherhood surprised you or has been different than what you expected it to be?

Being a mom is fulfilling yet hard!! I never expected it to be easy, but the constant questioning of myself was shocking! I've always been pretty confident in my decision making abilities, but the understanding of the impact I have on her life was is overwhelming. (So thankful for God's grace!) And thankful for all the mommas that surround me for the help, advice, guidance and shoulders to lean on as only other mommas can understand. Community is such an invaluable tool!

being a mom is hard work, isn't it? but always rewarding. what do you enjoy most about motherhood?
How can I decide on one thing? I love it ALL!. The sweet, quiet moments stand out the strongest; specifically those moments when it is just me and her, and she wants to be snuggled or when she breaks out into a full on grin. I can't imagine anything better in the world. 

 let's talk balance. how do you find balance in tending to your daughter and also caring for yourself emotionally and physically?
After about 2 1/2 weeks, I realized I needed to do something for myself. As an avid runner before I got pregnant (and partially while pregnant--until I got an asthma induced by pregnancy diagnosis), it was time to hit the pavement again.
Even though I wasn't "cleared" for running just yet, I began walking an hour about 4 times a week leaving little E at home with my husband. I needed a little time to turn on some music, soak up the sun and let nature rejuvenate me.

Nature is food for my soul. More importantly, it is where I connect with God the most.

 as moms we strive to teach and show our children lessons shaping them as they grow, however, what is the one thing that you would want your children to grab on to and never forget?
As she grows, I pray that she knows Whose she is. I pray that she knows she is perfectly imperfect in every way and made for a specific purpose; to have confidence in herself always! My hope is that she knows Who to listen to and Who to follow and that her dad and I be good role models in Trusting Him. And most importantly and above all else I pray she trusts her Heavenly Father more than anything else in this world.

erika, mothers need encouragement always. what words of wisdom or encouragement would you offer to other moms?
As a newbie mom:
*Ask for help! (Don't be afraid to ask for help and to ask questions!)
*Don't feel like you have to have all the answers.
*Don't feel like there is *one* right way to do things! Think out of the box.
*Seek first the Kingdom.
*Encourage other moms. We all struggle at times! It is encouraging to hear others struggles and to provide encouragement and love during those times.

ah yes, those sweet quiet moments with the babes is surely one of the sweetest moments. and i agree with nature being food for the soul. erika takes wonderful photos of nature, which you can find on her blog and/or by following through instagram @e_lynch3


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love erika- she is the sweetest! and such an adorable mama!

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Hi! Stopping over from Erika's blog. She's great, and I enjoyed reading this post, so thanks :)

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Thanks for having me Leah! So enjoying this series!

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loved this post by one of my favorite mamas!!

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Have been following Erika for a while now and so nice to hear her thoughts on motherhood! Thanks for this little interview. :)