Sweet Motherhood: Shannon Nichole

today i have the pleasure of having a beautiful friend for this series. it's hard to say, how long i've known her, but i want to say it's been almost two years. i met shannon through blogging and i've loved connecting with her on motherhood, marriage, faith, and everyday life. her story is a beautiful one, and i'd encourage you visit her space (which she just revamped and looks gorgeous!), and get to know her. you can thank me later.

i asked shannon to share her thoughts on what motherhood means to her, and when she sent me her piece...let's just say, get your tissues out ladies.

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As moms we are overwhelmingly blessed with nearly countless special, bonding, tender, proud and if we're honest hard times with our children. Within all those special times we all have those few really, really....REALLY special ones. 

If you were to ask me what the most special time with my child was...immediately you'd see my face light up, and while I'd share with you that there obviously have been many, I'd tell you that the most special day...the one that makes my heart swell, is one that my son and I have not yet technically lived.

I'm a mom to one incredible, big hearted, clever and amazing nine year old not so little boy. . 

As a mom, I've always looked at my son, not only for who he is today...but who he will be in the future, as an adult. My vision in parenting him is for the long haul. I'm not only trying to raise a good kid, but more so an amazing man. A man that will one day fall in love and marry an exceptional woman.

Love is a big topic in my house. It's basically the center of the way I try to guide our lives. 
Numerous conversations are always rerouted back to love, and loving well. 

We love each other because he loved us first.
1 John 4:19

While there is on occasion an eye roll that I'm talking about love yet again...I continue to do it anyway. We talk about love not as a wimpy, lovey dovey subject but one of great power. Powerful people love people. 

The primary reason Jesus died for us.....love. He loved us T-H-A-T much. At the end of the day, he chose us, over himself. That's a powerful and selfless love. 
Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us
Ephesians 5:2

One of the biggest examples of walking this love the way Jesus did...marriage

So with that....what will be my most cherished memory?

The day my son will marry his wife.

Why? Why this moment?

On this day I will watch my son devote himself to loving someone for the rest of his life in the loving and selfless way that Jesus did for us. 

This is the day that I'll watch my son vow, before God to voluntarily will lay down his life for another, 
in the name of loving well. 
There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

When you live your life out of that type of love, something amazing happens. 
You change.  Your relationships change. You never lose when you love this way. 
If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.
Matthew 10:39

The amount of respect I will gain for my Jay, watching this moment of time will be immense. 
His marriage signifies his selfless heart. 

 He and I will both be aware that at times in his life, this choice could quite possibly be the hardest one of his whole life to walk out. Yet he vows anyway. 

 He vows to honor his wife and place her before himself. 

He vows to love like Jesus.

And to see this...my heart will be incredibly proud. Proud that the incredible, big hearted, clever and amazing young boy that currently rolls his eyes when we talk about love, has ultimately chosen to stand for it in such a powerful way. 
this puts motherhood in a whole new perspective, huh? i pray that my sons will also grow up to be men of the Lord, laying their life down for others and for their future wife. *tear*
you can read more of Shannon through her blog, or follow her through instagram: _shannon_nichole_


Cat said...

What a sweet post! I think it is so important to raise our children to love like Jesus, and this includes loving their further spouse. It is our job to train them up in a way that they will not depart from.

ps..Shannon you are such an inspiration to so many

17 Perth said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Amy said...

Love this so much. Jay is so lucky to have a beautiful, passionate, fierce Jesus-lovin' mama like Shannon. Love you both to pieces!

Christina Schergen said...

wow. just lovely!!