mother's day.

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so i thought i would stop by this space of mine, that i've been neglecting over the past few weeks.
honestly, it hasn't been my intention. i love blogging, but it has somehow taken a back seat for the moment as i try to be more present at home and placing my time on other things that have taken priority.
it's funny, because i've noticed the same among other bloggers i love. i guess life has a way of doing that, huh?

while i'm here i just wanted to share my mother's day. it was a sweet one and my littlest one said happy mother's day like twenty times throughout the day, it was the sweetest.

my mother came over for breakfast and the kiddos made her some cards. on one of the cards my daughter made her she thanked her for being like a mother to her as well. i loved that.
my mom has always been there and literally has raised my kids alongside me. to know my children don't view her as a grandmother only, but as a mom as well, really is such a blessing to me.

after they left, i napped for a few hours, which if you know me, i like my sleep. however, i always feel like i wasted hours of the day if i take naps, so i try not to. i don't know what it is though, sunday i was so tired!
my daughter set out to pamper her mama. she grabbed my face mask and applied it on my face. gave me her own version of a back massage with karate chops down my back, and insisted on doing my make up. as a girl, she truly knows what a girl needs to feel pampered!

finally in the afternoon, we went out for dinner. i love our family dinners. i love seeing my family around the table, chatting, eating endless bowls of chips, and just enjoying each other.
this motherhood gig, it's never really come easy for me. i've struggled, felt guilty at not doing it right, felt like pulling my hair out on numerous occasions, and felt i was truly screwing things up.

but it's in those moments, when i see their smiles and i realize they truly are happy kids, and they truly do feel loved, that i am reassured that it's okay. i'm doing an okay job which is filled with God's grace. otherwise i would've gone crazy by now! haha.

how was your mother's day?


gillian claire said...

Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! Love seeing simple pictures of your day like this. <3

17 Perth said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! And that last paragraph...AMEN, amen, amen!! No doubt you are doing a great job leah!

Christina Schergen said...

i mean seriously what is up with all the bloggers NOT blogging??! lol....

I hope you had a great mothers are one heck of a mama...they are lucky :)

Amy said...

Love this so much! Your kids are beyond lucky to have you as their Mama. I'm glad you got to enjoy your family on such a special day! <3