reaching out.

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i talked to her.
my neighbor.

i mean we had talked before like i said in my previous post. but never really talked, talked.

yesterday, my kids and i went for our daily walk around our neighborhood and she was out there with her babies. we exchanged words on the weather and her son came walking with us.

after monday's post and all of the encouragement i received from so many of you, i began to come up with ideas to invite her over and become friends.
yesterday i was reminded that moments ordained by God don't need fancy or planned moves. He sets it all up.

coming back from our walk, i don't even remember what i said to her, something about if she ever needed help with anything she could always ask me and then, just then, her whole life story spilled out.
three hours we were talking. three hours. when all i've ever exchanged with her are a few words.

her story... is heart breakening. i mean just thinking about everything she said to me had me in tears and as i type this i'm still in tears.
it's her story so i won't go into details of course, but this woman has been crying out for someone to talk to. someone to receive encouragement from. when i hugged her, she wouldn't let go.

it really goes to show everyone is fighting a hard battle and we don't even know it. or maybe we do, but become oblivious to it as to not interrupt our comfort zone. to not interrupt the bubble we have made up for ourselves that we would just focus on our own thing.
yesterday i had planned to get my blog design spiffied up, i had planned to finish laundry and get some pictures in of new goodies for the shop, though the way God changed my day completely around couldn't have been better.

it's a good thing when our world is moved around to welcome in new things. it's a good thing.


Discovery Street said...

Leah!!! this post brings tears to my eyes! I'm so glad you reached out--what a blessing you are!

17 Perth said...

I got chills reading this. First off, praise God. Secondly, way to go Leah!! You are no doubt such a blessing to her!!

Shannon Q. said...

I am pumped on this LOL, sooo pumped. This is the most beautiful thing. INCREDIBLE!! So proud of you, and I am so thankful that you've walked into this woman's life...she will be blessed (and I'm sure you will be too!)

Samantha Curtis said...

That's amazing! I need to start reaching out to my neighbors to. I'm not going to make friends sitting in my house...

gillian claire said...

Wow, such a great reminder that like you said - we really don't know what others are facing. It frustrates me that in a world that is SO focused on "sharing" EVERYTHING - on Facebook, blogs, instagram etc... so many of us are secretly suffering because its uncomfortable sharing the real stuff. So awesome that you got a chance to connect with your neighbor. Thanks for sharing. :)