sweet motherhood - Christina Schergen

it is that time again!
time i get to introduce you to another awesome mom through this series.

today's featured mom is christina from the olive tree. i found christina's blog way back and love coming back to read her words. her diy's and may or may not posts are a must read. she is hilarious and has such a beautiful heart for her kiddos!

she shared her thoughts on motherhood below:

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christina, tell us a little bit of your story and who you are a mom to?

Hello! I'm Christina and I blog over at The Olive Tree. I am mom to Elisabeth, Jude, Lyla, and baby due sometime in September.

motherhood isn't always what we expect, what about motherhood surprised you or has been different than what you expected it to be?

I was actually was very apprehensive about having kids rather young...I was willing to wait a few more years. I enjoyed children but after about an hour or so I ready to give them back to their moms....lol. With that said I think what surprised me the most is how much I truly love and enjoy motherhood. I love all if it...the baths, the stories, the cuddles, the endless book reading, the swaddling, the tedious everyday tasks....except the laundry...I loathe all the laundry.

being a mom is hard work, isn't it? but always rewarding. what do you enjoy most about motherhood?

Discipline is hard work, teaching them how to treat others is hard work, teaching them how to be little respectable humans is really really really hard work, being a good example for them is hard work. I love to see the hard work pay off. I love seeing them being kind to siblings, and putting others' feelings first, respecting adults, and treating others with kindness. I love seeing them choose to willingly follow, and stay hungry for God. I love the little moments the most...that probably aren't really a big deal to someone from the outside looking in...but that leave your heart feeling full and happy. I love the sticky fingers, the excitement in their eyes around holidays, the endless hugs, the laughter and noise filled house, and suntan soaked skin in the summer.

I read this quote once and loved it..." The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children."
let's talk balance. how do you find balance in tending to your daughter and also caring for yourself emotionally and physically?

 I started off with sleeping training my kiddos when they were just babies. I know sleep training isn't for everyone, but it was for me. My husband is away from home a few days week...so scheduling and bedtime are a must. For me I know that I can give my kids all they need during the day b/c when that clock hits about 830 to 9pm ...they all go to bed happy, and they all stay asleep until about 8 am the next morning (give or take the occasional cold, thunderstorm, or bad dream). This allows me to be able to do whatever I want for the rest of the night for as long as I choose...watch a movie with the husband, read, blog, catch up on cleaning, get in a daily shower...or some nights go to bed approximately 5 minutes after they do.

as moms we strive to teach and show our children lessons shaping them as they grow, however, what is the one thing that you would want your children to grab on to and never forget?

Keep God first and have a real relationship with him...I mean a real meaningful relationship...this will help with life choices and when you strive to keep God first everything falls into place. Also, if they can be anything be kind...we can always use more kindness.
christina, mothers need encouragement always. what words of wisdom or encouragement would you offer to other moms?
Be present and in the now...all most kids really want is your time...so give it to them...they will be grown and gone before you know it. Love them, lean on God, let them be little, speak kind uplifting words because the way you talk to them becomes their inner voice.
okay, did anyone else get tears in their eyes with that quote? loved christina's thoughts! thank you christina for sharing your heart girl.
you can find christina at her blog or follow her through instagram @treeofolive .

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17 Perth said...

Ahhhh. That last answer says it all. Such a beautiful beautiful thought. And how right Christina is! Love her and her heart! Not to mention she has helped me with this momma thing and sleeping already!