my neighbor.

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i have this neighbor.

her kids and mine are relatively the same age, and from day one they've hit it off. they play together almost everyday and of course go to the same school together.

she and i have had some conversations outside while the kids play, but never really deep enough. just the casual. how are the kids, this weather is great, just scratching the surface.

i do remember one of the first conversations we had, she opened up to me and honestly caught me off guard. this woman whom i hadn't really engaged with opened up about her life. and at that point, i was only able to offer a few words of encouragement. and that was that.

since then, which easily was about three or four years ago, our acquaintance has not become anything else but that. until recently, i have felt a nudge to reach out to her. to get to know her. her story.

but i'm a little hesitant. not because i don't want to, i'm not sure how.

see, i've never really been good at putting myself out there. i've always been comfortable behind my front door. minding my own business. and so i think?

what if it gets messy? what if some boundaries are crossed? i mean, we live right next to each other for crying out loud! what if something doesn't go right?

but then....

what if it does? what if we find in each other encouragement, someone to lend out a helping hand to?
what if we find a new friend that we can trust?
what if i am able through that share my testimony and my story and listen to hers more?

i'm a little scared. i know it sounds silly, when i'm just offering friendship. but to this introvert, it's a whole new step. yet i'm reminded that this year i was led to choose the word selfless, and in this situation, i need to see beyond my uncomfort and step out into something new, knowing God will be leading me.

how do you usually try to connect with new women or new friends?


Christina Schergen said...

mmmm...the was good...and hit home!!!

i tend to keep my friends few and close...i have introvert tendencies too...which is probably why blogging appeals to me...I can offer encouragement, kind words, build relationships with out being sounds sooooo bad!!

I am busy...I love offering up talk...people want to share...if you let them they will pour out their story...that i love...but it is hard to fit "new friends" into my already hectic life...that i struggle with b/c i know God calls us to do just that. make sense?

Shannon Q. said...

This is soo exciting!! You never know how this could bless your life or hers!! Really, seeing people take that step to reach out in friendship makes me seriously excited!! Go for it girl, if you're feeling it, there is a reason why you should do it! Now, more importantly...why aren't we neighbors LOL! :)

Discovery Street said...

We have new(ish) neighbors that moved in awhile ago with young children (everyone else are senior citizens in our hood), and I just knocked on her door to introduce myself. Anytime I go on a walk or to the park I text her to see if she'd like to join me...or if I happen to bake, I drop some off to her. We're both pretty busy, but I know we both enjoy each others company!

Lovelyladyjb said...

I think its great, sometimes God put us into uncomfortable situations to see if we truly trust Him & to make us trust Him. I believe He is putting it in your heart and spirit to reach out. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is invite someone to dinner or lunch or coffee. Could do a picnic dinner with the kids in the backyard - something fun and comfortable for the both of you and then let the conversation be authentic. You could even be honest and say that you felt like you needed to reach out to her to just get to know her better and see where it goes from there! :) God is doing it for a reason, you never know why unless you do it! Follow His lead and you will be just fine :)

17 Perth said...

I can't offer any advice because I can totally relate to this, but I can offer encouragement!! Ahh. It is so hard for me....but in situations like this I always try to remember those moments when someone befriended me and how thankful I was! Even if it isn't well received, you are acting on His nudging and that is all we are called to do! Dying to know how it went!

katie_shannon said...

Girl I so understand. It's not normal for me to dig deeper.

helen said...

wow! it seems like God has really been prompting you to reach out to her! heed His call....i'm sure she will be greatly blessed by your encouragement. after all, the Spirit resides in you and will give you the words to speak to get to know her story, so that eventually, she might get to know His story for her via Christ's work on the cross for her if she doesn't already!

gillian claire said...

I too hesitate to step out in my friendships. It can be so scary to go beyond the nice and easy simple "know each" other friendship into a deeper and real relationship!