hello my name is.

today i'm joining kerrie , kerry , and alesha with another installment of:

Hello My Name Is

you can read here to get more insight of the purpose of the link up.

i love knowing that the Lord in pulling me out of my darkness called me by my name. not by my failures, or past, but by name. a personal calling.
and throughout my walk with Him, in every changing season, He gives me a new name. a name that teaches me what He needs me to be, where He is calling me to next.
today in this season, my name is humbled
now i know that maybe it should read as humble and not humbled, but that would mean that i am there already, humble as Jesus, giving freely, not thinking of himself. but i'm not.
through this season, the Lord is ripping away every little bit of pride that resides within my heart. pride that has kept me from forgiving completely as He's forgiven me. pride that has kept me from freely encouraging out of pride for myself. pride that has kept me sitting comfortably in my seat instead of serving as He would.
He has been working in that part of my heart gently yet relentlessly as He knows my desire to serve and be more like Him. it's been hard, some of it painful, yet i know the end will be more beautiful than i could ever imagine.
what is the name you are being called by the Lord today?


Kerrie Williams said...

you said it right when you wrote humblED. We're not there, but always striving to be closer to Him. More like Him. I'm so thankful that you linked up with us so I could read these words Leah :)

Kerry Todd said...

Leah- thank you so much for linking up and for acknowledging that you aren't there yet. I think it's easy to think that we should be completely free or completely humble. I love knowing that it's a process- a journey. I don't have to act like I have it all together. The fact that I'm on the path counts for something.

Alesha said...

Amen. I feel like my whole life has been a process of stripping away pride, thank you for joining!

a new heart said...

i think we could all stand to be humbled, for sure. i think mine would have to be fearless. i have lived controlled by fears and anxieties - fear of what people think of me, fear of the future, fear of everything you could imagine, really. it's not a very faithful way to live. i'm making progress but as you said, it's an ongoing work! thanks for the uplifting posts leah, i so appreciate your blog :)

Lovelyladyjb said...

This is such a great post. I believe I am being called Listen or Obey because God really wants to take me higher with Him, but I sometimes allow the devil to talk me into holding back and not being all that God has called me to be. So I completely relate to you about the process being somewhat painful as I give up what Jena wants and take on what Christ wants for Jena. :)