on spring + motherhood. (link up)

lately there's been a lot of tension in our home among the kiddos. it's exhausting. from the moment we rise, on the way to school, coming home, it's sibling rivalry to a crazy level.
yesterday as i was driving to work with tears flooding my eyes, i just simply told the Lord, 'i don't know how to do this mom thing.'
as i did some blog reading, katie  shared a link that gave my heart a pep talk and encouraged me, and okay also had me crying big momma tears at my desk. 
with it being the first spring and all, i thought our little family, sans hubby since he's working late again (did i ever tell you all we work at the same place?), would take some time to enjoy the sunshine and let some stress out. 
plus any excuse for ice cream is a go, right?

we had fun, with a couple of bees hovering over us wanting to join in, i'm sure. although i fail a lot at this motherhood gig, i hope that these are the moments that they'll remember when they're grown and have their own children. until then, i will need to remember my worth as a mother and do my best to give my entire energy, love and time to raising these kids who are not so little anymore. to let them know they can always count on mommy, when their heart gets broken (which my oldest just experienced. *tear*), when life disappoints, and that i'll be there to dance with their victories and laugh with their joy.

how did you spend your first day of spring?

have you been doing something for you to live happier and healthier? we want to know about it!

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Ashley said...

happy spring friend!! i love these pictures.

ruthy ann said...

you work at the same place? that's interesting! Our first day of spring was pretty uneventful...it's still coat weather in the PNW!

17 Perth said...

Based on this...you certainly know how to do this mommy thing. And we can't ever do anything perfectly. Looks like such a fun day! No doubt they enjoyed it!

Ashlee Chu said...

This is such a fun spring day with the family. Can't wait to spend time outside like that.

christina said...

I think you've got the mom thing down ;)

the first day of spring!? i didnt notice under all the SNOW!!! whaaaaa whaaaaa (insert tears here ) lol

Jelli said...

Looks like you had a gorgeous day to get outside with the kids. I'm with you too, anything is a great excuse for ice cream! Enjoy these days with your kids, like you said, I'm sure they'll remember the special memories you're creating now. Thanks so much for joining me at the mixer this week, Leah.