summer days.

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today i saw on someone's ig, a little girl holding up her backpack for the first day of school.
could it be?
yes, summer is slowly starting to come to an end!

it went by so quickly, but then again, doesn't it always?

this summer was the no plan summer. we planned nothing. no vacation, no trips, no activities.
i kept on telling myself each week, i would finally get around to doing some things from my boards on pinterest. and one or two things did get done, but that was about it.
we just winged it.
grandma's during the day.
home in the evening with a little game here and there. church on weekends. and sunday funday every so often, which mostly constisted of pool time and/or walking around the city.

even though there was nothing fancy planned, i gotta say i feel like i enjoyed my kids more this summer. maybe its the sense that comes with getting older that everyday is truly a blessing. fun activities or not.

i think it's safe to say with kids back in school and a sense of routine coming back, i might be using this little space a lot more.

what have you been up to?

thirty three.

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i met my husband when he was nineteen, almost to be twenty.
and this weekend we celebrated his thirty third birthday.

we had such a good time with friends and family.
we met up at this Spanish restaurant that one of his friends had recommended. it was so delicious. they had various tapas, which are small dishes to be enjoyed with drinks.
think of like a wine tasting with cheeses, but this was with savory dishes.

there were albondigas, lamb, goat cheese with honey, seared tuna with watermelon. it was deee- liccious! i was one happy girl to be next to my husband and filling up my belly!
as the waiter came by bringing more and more tapas that we could all sample, we lost count in the midst of good conversation and laughs.

word of advice, when at this type of place, don't lose count. always be counting otherwise you'll end up with a $600 bill! #where'sthecovermyeyesmonkeyemojiwhenyouneedone

but all in all, he felt the love. our friends are good ones, i tell ya.

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the rest of the weekend was great too. church, date night, celebrating with my parents, and pool time on sunday. i was ready to come into work this morning, but now? i'm ready to go home!

what did your weekend look like?