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on being mom.

well life's just flying by...again.

it's a good life. busy as heck. but a good life.

thinking that life was going to somehow slow down once the kids were back in school, was definitely just a wish upon a star i guess.
it's probably gotten much busier.

because, i mean the housework doesn't stop, my job cannot be placed on hold, my ministry is still going on, but on top of it all, now there is an immense amount of paperwork to be signed, supplies to still be bought as new projects come up, children to be picked up at different times because of different schools and activities, homework to be checked, kids to get to bed,...

if you felt a tad exhausted from that run on sentence, then you can probably catch a glimpse of the busyness around here and may i say, exhaustion.

but you know what?

i like it.

no, i haven't lost my marbles. at least not yet. but sometime in the last two weeks i had an epiphany of sorts.

as i was making various phone calls to the school nurse, my pediatrician's office, running around to get some paperwork signed, and getting last minute supplies, i realized: i'm needed. i'm depended on.

my kids rely on me to get these things done.
dad works full time, but even then, doesn't mom usually get this privilege?

as their mom, they KNOW they can count on me to run around like a chicken with its head cut off for them. to make sure they can get enrolled in athletics. to make sure they can join an after school program without worrying if someone will be there to pick them up, or to help them in that tricky math problem.

sure it may be exhausting at times. Lord knows that i don't always have a big ol smile on my face as i'm running to the store because someone forgot to tell me they needed something. BUT to know that they know that i'm mom and they can count on me, it's priceless to me.

so the rest of the year may never really slow down, because then again, what mom does?



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