exploring austin

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i live in a great city.
we moved to austin, when my oldest was just two months old from houston and my other two were born here. so essentially, i consider our family austinites.

but we're not nearly as austin as i'd like us to be. it might be particularly my fault, as being an introvert comes with being a homebody too and it also might be that as they were younger, carrying around diaper bags, and various changes of clothing didn't seem appealing.
now though, the cards have changed. no diapers, no bottles, no strollers.
we can just at the last minute decide to go and walk around the city withliterally no planning, and i'm loving it this new season.

so this past sunday, we just got up and went. went down to amy's ice cream, sat in their little set up they have just enjoying our treat and trying to ignore the scorching sun.
then we just walked with no plan, no route. went down to town lake and walked some more.

although like i said, the sun was brutal, we enjoyed being out there. exploring, enjoying, just passing the time.
then we came to this little part of town that you'd miss if you just drive through it, but a little quiet neighborhood of shops and eateries.
a few of them had bowls of water outside their door for dogs walking with their owners to quench their thirst. i mean, is that the cutest!

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there's so much more to do in this city and i'm determined to explore more of it. i foresee more photos of our adventures soon!

do you explore your city pretty well? what has been your favorite place to see?


gillian claire said...

Oh I love these photos - they are so great! It's interesting how you explain your new stage in life, no diapers, bottles, etc. I imagine it must make for a freeing and enjoyable season. I love having little ones but it's nice to know that the aftermath will be fun as well!! I agree that little ones make venturing out just seem like TOO much work sometimes.

Susannah said...

Looks like you all had so much fun!

Amy said...

Amy's Ice Creams??! Say whaaat? I need to come visit and go there.

helen said...

how fun! i had no idea you live in austin! i have family in houston, and have visited quite a few times. i always mean to visit austin too, as i hear it's amazing. now i want to even more! :)