this past weekend, we got away.
it was so needed. life sometimes tends to grab you by the throat and suffocate you until you go a little nuts.
so a vacation was desperately in need. thankfully, my husband who grabs on to the YOLO attitude more than i do. haha.
we packed up and left to the beach. because it's the beach!

it was glorious. while we were there, we were the only ones. it seemed like we were on our own little private beach. and unfortunately as it was such an impromtu vacation, we weren't as prepared and made with what we brought. but nonetheless, it was heavenly.
salty air, warm sand on our toes, the kids playing carefree in the waves. heaven.

 photo IMG_20140507_081204_zpsnbmvxy3e.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_081541_zpspaa3jpse.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_081636_zps9ynzq1ph.jpg  photo BEACHCOLLAGE1_zpsa84455c2.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_080916_zpsqf11fsmq.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_081352_zpsewecpnst.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_080942_zpssjevwsd5.jpg  photo IMG_20140507_080804_zpsmlnsslca.jpg  photo BEACHCOLLAGE_zps922163af.jpg
i'm already planning for the next time we go in a few months!
what is your favorite way to spend a vacation?


Shannon Q. said...

Fun!! Family trips are THEE BEST!

helen said...

impromptu trips are the best!!!!! so glad you had a wonderful time! God is so good through spontaneous moments like these to be with our families :)

Alicia Salazar said...

The beach sounds amazing. I have a feeling my fav vacation spot is yet to be found, I have so many dreams! But this month I get to get away for a women's retreat for the first time ever and I definitely need it!

Amy said...

So sweet! This looks amazing! Next time, come on over to the beach in CA. ;)

Discovery Street said...

we go on vacay next week!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Christina Schergen said...

i need to move to the ocean....seriously...this looks dreamy!