if you're wondering why my watermark is upside down, it's because the little lady in the middle threw a fit she was upside down in the original photo and mom had to flip it.

when they're not trying to drive me crazy (out of love, i know), my three little monkeys make laugh the hardest.
on our drive home after church one evening, my oldest asked me what my new year's revolution was. no, it's not a typo, that's what he called it. *grin*

i said i wanted to be more influential to everyone i met. explanation was needed. so i said, 'i want to be remembered as someone who always tried to do good in the world, someone who was a light in the lives of others.'
then i asked, 'for instance if someone asked you what kind of mom do you have? what would you answer?'
and here is where i laughed the hardest i'd laughed that day.

my smallest: 'you're a nice mommy.'
my oldest: 'you're funny.' which i loved hearing. i've always wanted to be the funny/cool mom. funny and cool is the same in my book. don't tell me otherwise. and then.....
my girl: ' you sometimes try to relive your teenager years.'

say what??!!

the other two agreed almost immediately. upon me asking why, they very matter of factly pointed out i shop at forever21 (ummm...it's cool to shop there!) and i kiss too much on daddy. (ummm...gotta keep the marriage alive, you know?)

if this wasn't enough, they apparently have calculated the percentage of my 'niceness'
25% mean, 75% nice.
and to prove my instincts all along, i have one up from daddy whose odds are grim.
40% mean, 60% nice.
mom 1. dad 0.

i'd entertain you with more kid stories but i gotta go bake some brownie points to up my percentage, you know? ;)

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Anonymous said...

I think its funny that they said you shopped at forever21 because I don't see myself not shopping at the places I do right now once I am older and have kids. Their clothes are nice and affordable. Lol. So I will be a wannabe teenager, mother like you. Lol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha hilarious - if it makes you fesel any better i think ALL kids think their mom tries to relive their teen years. Kids just don't know that their mom used to be cool and have a life before they came along :) i remember thinking the same thing about my mom when i was younger lol kids say the darndest things!

Leah said...

that's what i'm saying. nice and affordable. what's wrong with that? these kids, i tell you.

Leah said...

too funny. it really threw me for a loop. never thought they would think that! wonder if that means i gotta get some high waisted jeans now. ummm.not.

Karen A. said...

LOL kids say the darndest things. This post is too cute. I can't wait to ask my own children these questions someday :)