out with the old, we say!

surprise, surprise!
i've changed my name friends. 'tis one of the reasons i kinda have been mia from blogging and social media.
i'm sure every blogger will get to some kind of crossroad when it comes to their online identity or their brand, and i came to mine.
beautifully molded for me represented where i was in the beginning of this blog journey and my spiritual life.
i wanted to be molded, i NEEDED to be molded by the Lord. 
by no means does this mean i am entirely molded as we are constantly being perfected by Him to reflect His heart, however where i am now, i need to be reminded that He molds me because I am loved.
He molds me, refines me, works in me, gives me beautiful blessings for love of me, of us.
and for love of Him, I want to share my love for His Word, my family, my passions to give Him glory.
i'm pretty excited to embark in this new journey and i'd be smiling a lot more if it wasn't for the darn benadryl i took this morning that is making my body beg for a three hour nap!!
i've also changed my handle on all the social media i use. you know instagram was first! ha.
so here we go, let's get this party started!

xoxo, leah 

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17 Perth said...

Love love love this Leah!! Looks awesome!! Congrats on this new "space"!

Shannon Q. said...

Your layout, looks lovely as always. Your eye for design is awesome. I have missed your presence around here! :) Truly glad you're back