update from my desk.

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well hey, happy monday to you!

you ready for some rambling thoughts from me today? because be forewarned, i'm writing this on a whim. just to check in, ya know.
that way this space doesn't collect cobwebs and dust.

so since my last check in, i kinda went mia again. believe me, i had every intention of picking up the pace and start writing, but can i just tell you, this summer has been so hard to adjust to!

and i'm kind of bummed about it, because i was really, really looking forward to summer but i find myself at times looking forward to fall. maybe because my mood lately matches the season of fall. i don't know.

anyway, when the day ends and my thoughts gravitate to this little space, i begin to think again on the purpose of it.
don't get me wrong, i love blogging and connecting with so many of you. but lately, i haven't felt that umph. you know?
i've felt like i don't have really anything worth sharing, because i'm sure my never ending sweeping the dining room and piles and piles of laundry are not what you are dying to read about, since you have your own.

all of us have our own.

yet, that reminds me of the purpose of this space. i remember the reason i started this space was to share my stories. even of the endless piles of laudry ones. because in the thick of my own, i need encouragement.

one of the things i've found when i share a message at church, is that i'm not only sharing it with the congregation to minister to them, but it also ministers me. every. time. so why would sharing my stories here be any different. even if i'm the one living them, i will find encouragement from it. writing them out sometimes does that.

and that's what i want to receive from here. my want is to be able to encourage women in the middle of their own laundry piles, knowing that i, being far from perfect, need encouragement as well.

i will never claim to know everything because i don't. i'm still trying to figure out myself. but if i can do that while making some kind of difference, then i'll make the attempt to still write and share.
even if it's once a week, although i'll try to pop in here more often than that.

so, on that note, how has your summer been?


Shannon Q. said...

:) beautiful

Amy said...

I'd read about your laundry piles anyday. ;)

Love you.

Susannah said...

I feel like I've been in a similar place as you regarding blogging. Just so you know, I love your blog - even the "boring" posts. :-)

helen said...

i would totally read about your sweeping the dining room and other thoughts!!!! i could totally relate :) love your sweet soul, leah! God is gracious!

Christina Schergen said...

Love. For some crazy reason I thought summer would bring peace and quite and lazy days...I was so wrong lol. I feel like summer is slipping thought my hands!!!! Hope your enjoying your babes! :)