a little M.I.A

well hey everybody!

it's good to be back on this little space after being m.i.a for a little bit.

so how's it going for you lately friend? summer is in full swing here and i'm trying to adjust to it.
which is partly the reason why i've stayed off this space.
not really knowing what to share.

looking back through some of my posts i saw lots of heart. lots of exposing the hardships my family was going through during those dreary winter months.
thankfully, some of those hardships are gone. hallelujah! but it almost feels weird without them...

they were of character building, of tear filled prayers and now that they've been answered, i'm kind of standing in this awkward position adjusting to this new season.
isn't that weird? it seems like we were on our knees for so long that now it seems strange to get up and dance.

nonetheless, i'm happy to see the Lord's blessings, to see His goodness.

other than trying to awkwardly adjust to the season, we've been enjoying the beautiful weather which up to this point has been bearable heat. i'm afraid it may not last for much longer as we've already been hitting mid nineties! but until we can, we will.

well, i'm hoping i can get back on the wagon this week. i've got a few things in mind i wanna talk about, including something exciting that's been brewing on my mind.

how have you been doing?


Amy said...

"it seems like we were on our knees for so long that now it seems strange to get up and dance."

DANG girl. That summarizes my life SO well right now. Love you, Leah!

~*Night Owl*~ said...

Glad to see you back. I'm glad I was able to check your blog out since blogger is acting weird today. Only showing 1 blog post and I know there's more b/c blog lovin shows there's more. Hope you had a great weekend.

Love the pic.
come check me out.

Shannon Q. said...

agreeing with Amy...and that was a beautiful way of writing that feeling out.

gillian claire said...

i've been "a little mia" this summer as well on my blog! hope you and your family are enjoying the season. looking forward to seeing more posts!