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it's funny how things change over the years, isn't it?

i used to be the mom that wanted more. the mom that wanted to have a high end career, an important role outside of the home. i wanted to be the mom that was always made up, with pencil skirts, stilletos and pretty blouses.

i wanted to be the mom that others mom wanted to be like. the one running the show so to speak.

today, as i sit here at my desk eating my avocado sandwhich, my present couldn't be far more different than what at one point i wanted to be.
my mom uniform always consists of jeans that if i admit are a little bit more highwaisted than the cool jeans and a tshirt or sweater.
my make up consistis of mascara and eyeliner which most days appears smudged and undone.
my hair is usually in a ponytail or bun.
stilletos are ridiculous to think about during my day. right now my feet are ever so happy in my flat sandals from old navy.

and today i crave community with other moms. community that encourages each other, prays for one another, heck even cries with one another at spilled milk.

it's crazy what being a mom does to you. it brings you out of the clouds and places your feet hard on reality.

but i wouldn't trade it for the world. give me my messy bun and flats any day. give me having to go home to three crazy kiddos who leave mess all over the place. i can truly say i'm content.


17 Perth said...

You are speaking to my soul today. Beautiful and true this post is.....thank you.

Shannon Q. said...

So good, so so good! I just recently had a convo with my girlfriend (who doesn't have kids) and I shared with her the pull I feel from "the world" to BE girlfriend looked at me and she said look what you're doing..You're raising the next generation, what's bigger or more important than that!? #truth

Discovery Street said...

yes...and seriously, who has time to leave the house pressed, with curled hair and full makeup EVERY day?!

Anne Hill said...

love this! I feel like i had some motherhood ideals of how "together" i'd be. but that's so not the case! but I love just getting to be with my little guy each day!