a mother is.

you can read books to know what to expect while you're expecting. you can read books on the best way to parent. you can read on the do's and dont's of parenthood. but let me tell you something. motherhood isn't learned in books. motherhood is learned from the heart.

you learn that a mother is not just a mere title the little people you give birth to can call you by. a mother is a lifelong journey.

a mother is a teacher. we attempt to teach burping in public is frowned upon, that little girls should always cross their legs when sitting and always act like a princess, that grace before meals is approved of and that an excess in sugary treats will make their teeth fall out and never grow out again. we teach kind words work best, apologies should be heartfelt and that nothing can ever make us stop loving them.

a mother is a student. we learn through tears, mistakes, and apologies. we constantly learn new ways to love, to bring happiness, to cure boo-boo's that only mama can heal. we learn that a couple of 'rollie polie ollies' for a snack will pass along later, that we are the most beautiful in their eyes, and we learn also learn that our children are going to teach us many lessons along the way of grace, humility, and patience.

a mother is a friend. one who encourages when school and friends disappoint, when those cursive q's are the really hard ones. a friend who loves above all, who engages in secrets that brothers can't know about, one who might get annoying with all the over protection. it's just that we can't imagine ever something happening to our best friends.

a mother is a giver regardless of her needs. one who gives up the chance of a new dress, new shoes, or a manicure for a hello kitty sparkly shirt or a lego set. one who gives up precious sleep to tend to a fever that won't relent or to clean up last night's dinner from pillows and carpets. one who gives up even half of the chocolate candy bar even if it's that time of the month, because a big chocolaty smile looking up is totally worth it. one who gives away her whole heart without reserves to those that have become her whole world.

a mother is a prayer warrior. one who prays for their little lives, protection over it and direction for their future. one who prays that their actions and choices will be the best. that their path will always bring them back to the truth. that their steps will be guided by the Lord.

a mother is a woman whose whole life will forever be devoted to her kids. when they're barely starting to walk, through their teens and when they have kids of their own. even when in the middle of a grocery store aisle where a meltdown has brought upon stares, because once they're brought into the world, they steal our heart and never quite give it back. and for one, i'm completely okay with that.

to all you beautiful women who are mothers. have a wonderful mother's day weekend. you have the best job in the world.

happy mother's day!! 
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17 Perth said...

Such a beautiful post. Makes me look forward to being a mother even more...and I love that first photo.
Happy mothers day to you!

Leah said...

Just lovely! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I couldn't agree more! Happy Mother's Day to you!! :)