the art of homemaking.

you know, the other day while baking my first bread from scratch, i came to a realization.
and it's kind of fitting that my realization came to me in the kitchen as i pulled out that warm, perfectly baked bread.

i realize that i love being a homemaker.

although, as i type that, i don't really fully feel like one as i do work outside the home part time.
but, the hours i spend at home grumbling at every moment i have to yet sweep again and piles of laundry that get higher and higher, ironically are the ones that fulfil me the most.
and my husband says i'm complicated with my thoughts, pssh. don't know what he's talking about.

sure, there are days when i wish i could scrunch up my nose, wiggle it and have a chef, maid, and nanny appear before my eyes, but we all have those days.
we all want a little break here and there, and i'm no exception, but nonetheless, i really like taking care of my home and family, and i'm so thankful i have the ability to do so.
i know there are some women who have always dreamed of tailored blazers and pencil skirts while discussing company politics in a board room with colleagues which most are males, but me? i'm content in the middle of my living room with laundry piles for five and an oven which is baking chicken for my hungry brood.
i'm so exciting, i know.
but there's just something in knowing that as a woman i am seen as a caretaker and provider to the family God has provided me with. it's a job to be held with high esteem i tell you. if i could be so daring to say it is an art itself.
you create all the while: making the beds, preparing a warm, homemade meal, cuddling and snuggling your babes, all to create a warm home for their heart.
so if you're a homemaker and ever feel like you're not enough, let me tell you woman. you have that special touch to keep your home running smoothly and to create a safe haven for your children and husband.
sometimes it feels like you are taken for granted when socks are left everywhere and somehow the floor seems like a good place to spill milk like it's a sport, but you are loved and needed more than you know.
today, as i tackle every chore, discipline, and care for my family, i will remember there's nothing else like it. for that i am so very thankful.

ps. the bread was baked about two weeks ago. just to be clear that i'm not indulging in bread after yesterday's post! haha)


Brittany Kyte said...

I can completely understand where you are coming from! About a year after husband and I got married, the desire to be a homemaker started to grow inside of my heart and now I am bursting at the seams! I want to cook and clean and do laundry. I want my hard working husband to come home to candles lit and dinner on the table. Ahh! It's so natural :)

ruthy ann said...

it truly is SO MUCH work to take care of the home....especially with little ones!

17 Perth said...

Can I just say that this post for me has crazy timing? Seriously, this morning, I was praying about how I am realizing that I want to be at home when we have kids--and how I find my heart being more and more wanting to be at home being the homemaker. If you had told me ten years ago that at 33 I would be saying that--I would have been like--You are Craaay--zee. :) Haha.
I can relate completely....and the more I think about it, the more I admire it. You are giving yourself fully to your family....for their well-being. Love that!

Eva @ Snappee Turtle said...

Love this: "it's a job to be held with high esteem i tell you. if i could be so daring to say it is an art itself." absolutely!! I am so excited to be getting to come home full time to put more time and energy into my God given role as a homemaker. I applaud those of you who do it well even while working outside the home. It is so hard for me to do both! Thanks for linking up with me! Xo, Eva

christina said...

love your heart and i couldn't agree more! p.s. plus it is WORK, friend to be a homemaker :)